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Go To DOMSpy   DOM inspector for Internet Explorer. Simply click on an HTML element in a rendered page and see the DOM tree, style and positioning attributes.
DOMSpy is indispensible for creating pixel-perfect websites. Easily fix positioning issues on your HTML pages. See the style tricks used on public websites.
Go To DsChordFinder   Find out guitar chords, solos, leads and riffs in recorded music. The DsChordFinder guitar software uses frequency analysis on the recorded music.
Do you want to know how to play that one song? Record it with Windows Sound Recorder, load it in DsChordFinder and see how it's done. Find out about the new features.
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Go To Smooth Editor   Smooth Scrolling(!) text editor with Windows interface. The first DOS text editor with FAST Smooth Scrolling technique and interface for Windows.
FAST Smooth Scrolling makes moving through text extremely swift and fluid. (News: Smooth Editor is no longer sold).
Go To DsTune   The fast and accurate software guitar tuning device for Windows. Connect your electrical guitar, or a microphone for an acoustic guitar,
to your sound card and see the exact frequency indicated by a needle on a tuning device. The 32bits version is now 2.2, a bugfix.

Welcome! Dubbeldam Software creates software with a difference. HtmlTweak shows for all HTML elements, as they are loaded in Internet Explorer, the exact positioning, the applied style rules and style attributes. You can tweak the embedded style rules, style attributes and HTML interactively.

The guitar software makes use of signal processing in order to help guitar players out. It has received enthusiastic reviews in computer and guitar magazines.

All software can now be downloaded freely..