This is an overview of the reviews Dubbeldam Software has had.

  • 'Shop' of the Month , GUITAR THE MAGAZINE , March 1997, p.8 (on DsChordFinder v3.0)

    "One of the handiest and most affordable guitar-orientated 'things' I have found is DsChordFinder. It sorts chords and riffs in a snippet of recorded music into tab notation - Perfect for those inscrutable chords or ear-defying arpeggios."
  • DsChordFinder: music to your ears , COMPUTER SHOPPER , November 1996, p.767 (on DsChordFinder v2.1)

    "This excellent shareware program is a 'must have' tool for musos. It is good value for money with a registration fee of $39"
  • ***** , PC Format , April 1996 (on DsTune & DsChordFinder v 2.1)

    "These two funky little packages effectively take care of two major guitarists' headaches. The first, DsTune, enables you to tune your guitar without the need for expensive boxes with needles on them."

    "DsChordFinder can take away the hassle of playing 'Guess the chords in the pop song you want to learn.' Never again will you have to substitute a bar-chord for that tricky one in LIVE FOREVER - just make a sample of the chord you want to know, play it into DsChordFinder, and it returns the exact tablature."

    "DsChordFinder could prove the death of Bert Weedon."

p.s. I don't know who Bert Weedon is, but I sure hope he is alright :), Michael Dubbeldam


Dubbeldam Software creates software with a difference. HtmlTweak shows for all HTML elements, as they are loaded in Internet Explorer, the exact positioning, the applied style rules and style attributes. You can tweak the embedded style rules, style attributes and HTML interactively.

The guitar software makes use of signal processing in order to help guitar players out. It has received enthusiastic reviews in computer and guitar magazines.

Based in the Netherlands, Dubbeldam Software sells software to customers in all parts of the world. All products are sold exclusively over the Internet, they are not available in shops.