Find out guitar chords and even solos, leads and riffs in recorded music with this piece of software. No more expensive songbooks or hours and hours of trying to puzzle out a song. Do you want to know how to play that one song you have on CD, record or tape? Record it with Windows Soundrecorder, load it in the DsChordFinder software and see how it's done. DsChordFinder uses frequency analysis software on the recorded music to show how it's played on guitar.

New in version 3.2:

  • Loading stereo .wav files
    No more converting to mono just for DsChordFinder.

New in version 3.0:

  • The possibility to animate the frequency content.
    You can recognize the individual notes in the music as peaks jumping up in the frequency content graph
  • Playing at half speed.
    So you can keep up with Jimmy
  • Improved overall performance.
    More accuracy


Screenshots (Click to enlarge)
DsChordFinder Screenshot
DsChordFinder Screenshot
DsChordFinder runs on Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP.

A free copy is available here.